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1. Research topics

The Joint Laboratory propose to work on the following research topics:

- Mediation upon judicial invitation: theory and practice in a changing culture and environment compared with foreign experiences.

- Business relations: long-term commercial contracts and alternative method of conflict management.

- Business relations: the inside business dynamics of conflict and resolution techniques.

- Law and complex society: towards a redefinition of spaces and functions?

- Upon specific request or indication of the members of the Scientific Committee and of the Partners other research topics will be taken on.

- The research activities of the Laboratory are associated to the research and experimentation of the Observatory on medical malpractice case law.

2. Research products

At the end of each of the abovementioned research project, results will be made public in the following forms:

- A book providing for a review and critical analysis of the data obtained on the practice of mediation upon judicial invitation following the plans and objectives of the Nausicaa2 protocol.

- The English translation of the book "Mediazione e Progresso Sociale" (legal Utet, 2012), the first publication of the series ‘Un Altro Modo, Mediation Culture'.

- A book on "Il governo del cambiamento nei contratti commerciali di durata: crisi di cooperazione e metodi negoziali di soluzione per una nuova impresa" (Governing change in long term commercial contracts. Cooperation crisis and negotiation for a new way of doing business".

- A book on "Humanistic education for mediators"

- Collections of educational materials

3. Diffusion of the research materials

The Joint Laboratory proposes to the Scientific Committee to organize an international conference on the following topic:

"The law paths between theory and legal methods: developing autonomy and responsibility in the complex society."

The proposed time for the conference is the 23rdand 24th of September 2013.

A meeting of the Scientific Committee will be called in the first two weeks of April to discuss the contents and the organization of the conference.

last update: 16-Apr-2013
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