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Experimentation through the support or the activation of service counters, orientation and / or training within companies or other complex organizations for the use of alternative methods of conflict resolution.


Program for the implementation of mandatory mediation:
The Nausicaa 2 project is now at its second edition dedicated to the experimentation of mandatory mediation. Partners of the program, besides the Observatory on Civil Justice, are the Laboratory Un Altro  Modo of the University of Florence, the Florence Chamber of Commerce and the Bar Association of Florence.
The experimentation focuses on civil and commercial litigation handled by Florence Tribunal and proceeds in the following directions:

1. analysis of the specific section's litigation
2. organization of meetings dedicated to the study of abstract types of litigation in relation to judicial mediation procedures (inter-institutional tables)
3. implementation of the invitation procedures to mediation and of the subsequent stage management
4. monitoring of the invitation procedures and of the related results of the mediation
5. activation of an onsite orientation and information service managed by the Un Altro Modo Laboratory of the University of Florence

The idea is to create a network of relationships among the subjects interested in the mediation procedure activated by the judge, litigation operators, public and private entities, mediation organizations and other institutions.
Through the network it will be possible to answer the need of managing the information flow, develop efficient procedures, communication skills, organize continuous social researches and learning processes.
The method is the one that facilitates the development of shared and repeatable practices, through the establishment of programs for the common approach to individual problems.

last update: 16-Apr-2013
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