The Department of Legal Sciences was established in 2013 after the merging of several smaller departments covering the different legal fields. The Department represents therefore the continuation of the rich tradition of legal studies that blossomed in Florence since the 19th century, and included the work of several among the major legal scholars of contemporary Italy, who contributed as well to the building of the country’s institutions, like e.g. Federico Cammeo, Giorgio La Pira, Enrico Finzi, Piero Calamandrei, Giuseppe Maranini, Paolo Barile, Giovanni Miele, Enzo Capaccioli, Mauro Cappelletti, Alberto Predieri, Andrea Orsi Battaglini, Antonio Cassese. These scholars, who taught in both the School of Law and that of Political Sciences, established as well several independent teaching and research centers that reached an undisputed prestige, like the Seminar for Parliamentary Studies, the Interfaculty Department of Public law, and the Center for the Study of Modern Legal Thinking. The Department aims at providing, in an increasingly interconnected world, a reference for cutting edge study and research in the legal field, with a particular attention to the historical and theoretical dimensions, to comparison, and to developments occurring in case law and at policy level.

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