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PhD School in Legal Sciences

The Department includes a PhD School in Legal Sciences, which merged the previously existing specialized doctorates. The PhD School includes the following tracks:

  • Comparative law: area coordinator Professor Vittoria Barsotti
  • International and EU law: area coordinator Professor  Micaela Frulli
  • Public law, urban planning and environmental law: area coordinator Professor Leonardo Ferrara
  • Private law: area coordinator Professor Giuseppe Vettori
  • Criminal law and criminal procedure: area coordinator Professor Michele Papa
  • Legal theory and legal history – Theory and history of human rights: area coordinator Professor Paolo Cappellini



The PhD course in legal sciences at Florence University includes the curriculum Theory and History of Law – Theory and History of Human Rights (International). Two Brazilian universities contribute to this curriculum, namely the Universidade Federal do Paraná (Curitiba) and the Universidade Federal da Paraiba (Joao Pessoa).
The Brazilian partners have established matching curricula, respectively within the PhD course in Direito (Universidade Federal do Paraná) and the PhD course in Direitos Humanos e Desenvolvimento (Universidade Federal da Paraiba). All students admitted to the curriculum Theory and History of Human Rights (International) will spend one of the PhD course's three years in at least one of the two partner universities other than the one hosting the PhD course they have applied to.
At the end of this curriculum partner universities will jointly grant the PhD as  "Dottore di ricerca" and the PhD as "Doutor em Direito".

Admission to PhD courses takes place on the basis of competitive examinations. Special rules apply to candidates from non-EU countries.  For further information on admission see


The general coordinator of the PhD School in Legal Sciences is Professor Alessandro Simoni


The contact person for administrative matters at the PhD School is Dr. Antonella  Cini

last update: 09-July-2018
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